Free Sheet Music!

As part of this preschool curriculum from I'm incorporating into my daily/weekly routine with Tips Jr, it has you focus on a different classical piece every two weeks and to listen to a recording of it every day.

Well, we have a piano. Both Tips and I play the piano - so I thought it would be good for our entire family if I found piano sheet music of these classical pieces and I and Tips took turns practicing them on the piano every day (we already had three piano pieces of the music listed). Not only would we learn new piano pieces and actually be using our piano on a daily basis (thereby keeping our piano skills in practice), but then we would be doing something that hopefully Tips Jr would decide he also wants to do as he gets older because "mommy and daddy play the piano".

I realized that since most of these pieces were for Bach, they were old enough to be public domain, so I googled 'free sheet music' and came up with these two sites (there might be others, but these were the ones that I felt were the most useful for me).


So far I have done very well at practicing Prelude No. 1 from Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier because Tips has that piano book from when he took piano lessons back in high school. Just another week and a half and I should be quite proficient at it!


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