Free Sewing Patterns!

Well, Tips Jr. is starting to outgrow his cloth pocket diapers. I bought some PUL at a great price ($6.71/yd shipped - normally it is $12/yd) and am about ready to buy some of the diaper fleece at a great price as well ($6/yd before shipping) to make him the large size pocket diaper (the girl who made all of his other diapers taught a class to me, my mom and 3 of my friends a couple of weeks ago). BUT Tips Jr, at 14 months, is starting to toilet train, so I was thinking it was kind of a waste that I spent $40 for the pattern and class when what I need is to make him some trainer pants.

Voila! A few months ago my friend sent me a link to this website and what do you think I found? Links to dozens of sites that have free patterns you can download or sewing tutorials to make your own clothes or clothes for you baby/children.

I was also pleased to see that there is even a site to download the American Girls doll patterns they used to sell - and some of the patterns are for clothes that American Girls has discontinued and no longer sells! I have Felicity's patterns and my sister has Samantha's, but now I can download the others. This will come in really handy when my neice starts to play with her Josefina doll, because then I can make Josefina's clothes!

I also plan on making Tips Jr. his own neckties!

So.... in the spirit of passing on great tips and good information - here's the site!

The Prudent Homemaker: Sewing for Less


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