Free Homeschooling Downloads

I signed up to receive a weekly e-mail with free PDF downloads of great resources last summer. A few months ago, the Erskine family (a homeschooling family which runs this site) asked all of us subscribers to tell others about their site so that they would be able to offer even more great content. Because I've been so tardy in my blogging, here you go. And this is a great site for homeschoolers, after-schoolers, or summer-schoolers or even for families who just want some great FREE resources. Many of them are vintage out of print books.

I love getting my weekly e-mail and my problem is that usually I forget to go back each day to download the resource I want. I'm sure if I was more savvy I would post it on my e-mail calendar to be 'reminded' hmmmmm...... maybe I'll do that.

Anyway - here's the awesome site!


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