72 Hour Kit LDS Identifcation Card

This morning I took my 72 hour kits to my friend Brittany's house for our ward's Provident Living enrichment group (which I started a few years ago). Brittany was going to share a "Use your food storage" recipe which we try to do every 2 months after our ward's trip to the dry pack - and then I was going to go through 72 hour kits and just discuss some of the items that aren't always included in a commercial kit (like tampons, pads, panti-liners, etc)

I got there right at 10AM and no one else was there yet. No one else did come, so it was just the two of us. Which was fine. We ended up talking for 3 hours!

As I was showing her some of the things in my kit, I realized I was missing a lot of items that I took out to use on my 2 week trip to Europe last fall, which I have failed to replace or put back in.

When I got home I started going through our kits to 'refresh' the food and other items in them (we don't have money for MRE meals yet, so we just use food from the store, which needs to be replaced every 6 months or so). I am trying to get better at doing this around General Conference because then I will be doing it every 6 months.

I started with Tips kit, and I realized that our Identification cards need to be updated and we also need to get a recent family photograph in there as well with Tips Jr!

I couldn't find the ID file I made a few years ago for my group, so I sat down and just made one up. I uploaded it to my google docs because I thought it would be a good thing to share with all of my readers.

72 Hour Kit Identifcation Card for LDS

So if you already have a 72 hour kit but no identification/emergency contact information card, or you need to start putting your 72-hour kit together - this is would be a good start.

I do have a space included to list your LDS ward or branch because I am Mormon, so if you are another religion or no religion, you can copy & paste this document into your own Word program and cut that part out.

I also have it so that I can get three cards out of one page, but it is the entire width of the page because I decided I'll just fold the paper in half to put it in the ziplock sandwich baggie anyway. Feel free to alter it so that the finished size is closer to the size of a driver's license or credit card. I just needed to get it done, so that is why I didn't bother with it.


Amanda said…
That is a great idea. I may just kave to use it. Tou couls even add a picture to it. Or if you are doing it DL size the picture could be the back.

Love it!

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