Etsy Shop - Swedish Sisters

I realized that since I've had the link to my etsy shop on here for a while, I better explain a little more about it.

My sister and I decided to open an etsy shop, more specifically We didn't have that many things to post right away when we opened it except for the four pillowcases that my sister had made and then all the Disciple's Cross necklaces that Tips made a few years ago when he was trying a work-at-home thing (which didn't work out).

So if you are wondering why a Mormon is selling Disciple's Cross necklaces, that is why. But we've already sold seven of them - so that's getting rid of them faster than when Tips tried to post them on ebay and craigslist. (Mormons don't wear cross necklaces so it's not like we can give them to friends and family members for gifts).

But in other news... Happy Valentine's Day! And if you are interested in Disciple's Cross necklaces, we are actually selling the red and pink ones for $4/each (instead of the regular $7/each) for the ENTIRE month of February in honor of St. Valentine's day. Look for the greens next month in honor of St. Patrick's day.


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