Millions of Peaches, Peaches for FREE!!!!

We were extremely blessed this year. The bishop of our BYU-married student ward lives down in Payson - his neighbor owns an orchard near Utah Lake. This year they had a bumper crop and so after they had harvested all that they were going to sell, he told our bishop that he and any of the members of his married student ward could come and pick as many peaches as we wanted. My husband and I didn't make it the first time around, but we went the second time a group of people from our ward were going out there to pick peaches. We brought Tips' sister and Tips Jr. as well. We were only out there for about an hour and a half at most (in the dark since we didn't leave until dusk) and picked two rubbermaid bins full of peaches (the one pictured below and another one the same size) as well as a box that reams of paper come in and the lid as well. We gave the box of peaches to our neighbors and Tips' sister took some to freeze as well, but we canned, froze and dried the rest of the peaches (except for the few that we actually ate, like Tips Jr. is doing below - he was quite excited that he could stand up next to the bin and actually reach in and pull out a peach all by himself).

Almost done with the peach preserving.....

And since I didn't take a picture of the two gallon sized bags we filled up with dried peaches or the 5 gallon-sized bags full of peaches that we froze, here is how I filled all the empty canning bottles in my house and the additional 17 canning bottles that my husband bought at DI.
The next step is to make more applesauce with all the apples my parents gave me from their tree this year, which also had a bumper crop this year. I am going to attempt to can some homemade applesauce in the glass baby bottles I kept. I figured that if my German exchange partner's mother reuses the twist on commercial lids when she cans homemade marmalade, then I can attempt to reuse the baby food jars. If it doesn't work I'll just put them in my fridge until my baby eats all the applesauce, and then I'll take them up to the recycling center in Heber City next time I go up and visit my brother - since that is the only place I know of remotely close to us that actually takes almost everything you can recycle.


Krystal said…
wow!! that's a LOT of peaches!!

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