There ARE alternatives to a Homosexual lifestyle

Well, I will take a stab here and post on the controversial subject of sexual re-orientation. I myself have not had a problem with SSA (Same Sex Attraction), but with the media and 'the world' promoting a homosexual lifestyle as the only acceptable way of life for those with SSA, I have felt some angst over it. Especially when these homosexual activists say that SSA is something you are born with and can not change. No wonder so many people leading a homosexual or bi-sexual lifestyle are depressed and suicidal! I would be as well if I struggled with it and knew it was wrong - but then felt damned for the rest of my life to live it and that I would then be punished in the next life.

Despair and hopelessness of changing are the tools of Satan. He is so effective that the loudest voices we hear on the subject say that you can not change. A few months ago I even tried to google ex-gays because I felt that there must be people out there who have lived a homosexual lifestyle and wanted to change and I wanted to know their stories to validate my hope in Christ that even those struggling with SSA can change. I couldn't find anything of relevance. Most of what I found was saying how people who don't want to embrace homosexuality are homophobic.

Not exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for stories that demonstrated the power of the Atonement - the power Christ gave each one of us when he suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane, gave up his life on the cross and then took it up again the third day.

I believe Christ when he says that those who have heavy burdens and cast them upon his yoke will be able to receive relief. I believe that each of us truly has the ability to change those things about us that are not in line with the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today when I learned that there actually ARE support groups that espouse the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and allow for freedom of choice for people who want to change and not lead a homosexual lifestyle anymore, I had to check it out.

I just read one of the many testimonials on there and was so touched by this man's story:

I felt the Spirit testify so strongly to my heart that he truly did experience this 'mighty change of heart' and miracle in his life, that not only was he able to overcome his SSA, but that after 8 years of marriage, he was also able to finally be physically attracted to his wife after only being emotionally and spiritually attracted to her (which I believe are more important factors in a heterosexual relationship anyway).

I knew I needed to get the word out because there may be others that I know and love that are silently struggling with SSA and do not know where to turn.

If you also feel strongly about getting the word out about alternatives to the accepted homosexual lifestyle, please get the word out! We never know the silent and secret struggles of our brothers and sisters around us.


Marcene said…
Nice post. I took a psychology of gender class at BYU and a former BYU student who is part of the evergreen group came and spoke to us about his views on being mormon and dealing with SSA. He had never lived a homosexual lifestyle and his standing in the church was good. He did tell us however that he has had SSA from a very young age and didn't realize it was out of the ordinary until late in his teens. It was very informative and something that there needs to be more open discussion about among church members. People need to understand that this is something that some people are born feeling (this is debateable I know, but I think so) and that if we continue as church members to demonize SSA we are making people who are suffering have no place to turn. You can have SSA and be a member of the church. These members need support and to know that this is a trial in their lives that they can work through with support from the lDS community without judgment. Okay that was long, but it is an involved topic.

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