What to do before you get Robbed

I came across this when I was on my friends' blog - he used to be a cop and posted this in response to some family members who got burglarized. So here's another thing for me to add to my "To-do" list. It never ends, does it? Oh well.

I really appreciate Scott posting this on his blog - so I'm redirecting you to their blog to read it: http://jfcannonfamily-scott.blogspot.com/2008/03/key-to-getting-burglarized.html

Anyway, I really see it as a true emergency preparedness because if I ever did get burglarized, it would be an emergency! I didn't know that they can enter the serial numbers of your stuff into a system so that if it shows up at a pawn shop they'll know it is stolen goods. But the police can only do that if you have recorded the serial numbers to begin with. I think I'll have Tips get on this little project and record our big ticket items and electronics and put them into an excel spreadsheet. Then we'll print off two copies and send our parents copies to keep since both of them live out of state. A list like that wouldn't do very much good if it was saved onto a computer or laptop that was stolen, now would it?

Happy cataloging your serial numbers!


Jed and Kate said…
Hi Yvonne! I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog since that led me to YOURS! I LOVE that you have blog for tips and I will now be a faithful reader. I could totally use the kinds of tips your posting here! Thanks!!

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