My "Storage Room"

I said a few months ago that I would do a post on organization - so here's a post on one of the ways I've tried to aesthetically organize my apartment.

This room that serves as a storage room is also the nursery- I bought a pair of curtains at IKEA for about $30 (but you could make some out of fabric) and also a set of their hardware - which cost me about $7 for the ceiling anchor and the main set, which is two wall anchors, the wire and some metal clips. We measured out how far the purple bins would come out from the wall (there's a whole other column of 3 purple rubbermaid bins behind the curtain on the left side of the room), and then that is where we hung the wire to hang the curtains from. I fished the wire through the curtain loops and then used the small metal clips (you can't see them in the picture) to further help hold the curtains onto the wire. This was to prevent the curtains from sliding back down the wire from the center post due to gravity pulling them down.

As you can see - this new fabric 'wall' is much more aesthetically pleasing than having my wall full of stuff exposed for all the world to see. When I need to get out something, I'll pull back the curtains and after getting it out, I'll pull it back into place. Someday when we have a 'real' house I'll use these curtains on a window - but for now, they are my way to hide my stuff!

You could also use this method to create a food storage room if you don't have a separate room or closet for your food storage.


littlegreen said…
love this! brilliant idea, really! Too bad our second bedroom has been taken over by my crafting stuff or I would so do this! We don't have enough storage room as it is, let alone for food storage and stuff. great idea!

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