Cloth Diapers

Lest I repeat myself, I decided to post this topic on Mrs. Tips, rather than my personal blog. I already gave a lengthy explanation on my reason for choosing cloth diapers over disposables in March.

Anyway, I love, love, LOVE my cloth diapers! I think I mentally prepared myself for the worst before I actually birthed Tips Jr (all the extra work, the smell, the mess, etc) and started using them. I can tell you, they aren't half so much work as you might expect them to be. The type of insert you use makes a HUGE difference for leaks, even between the microfiber terry inserts there is a difference. The first set we used didn't hold as much, but this second set we got is amazing! I can leave him in it all night and not even worry about only having one insert in the diaper (as opposed to two when we used the other inserts). For anyone's curiosity, these new inserts are the bumGenius and were ordered from

I love how they are sooooo much more economical than disposable. I read somewhere that you'll spend about $1,000/year in disposable diapers & cloths until your child is potty trained. I've spent about $670 for all the diapers we'll need for Tips Jr. and at least the next two babies we have!

He doesn't get diaper rashes. In fact, the first diaper rash he got was when he was about a week old. Desitin wasn't cutting it and I finally realized why, it was a yeast infection diaper rash from the IV of antibiotics I was one right before and during his birth. Squirting some kefir on his bum at diaper changings and using the anti-fungal wipe recipe cleared it up pretty quickly!

Also, I have to tell you, disposable diapers really do make urinated and poopy diapers smell much worse than they have to be. When I change a wet diaper, I hardly smell anything - unlike the few times I've had him in a disposable and the urine activated the chemicals + the smell of the fragrance they use. A poopy cloth diaper? Not even close to what a disposable poopy diaper smells like. Maybe it smells different to me than it does to my husband, but it smells almost savory. I think it's because my baby is breastfed and so his waste originally came from me in the form of my breastmilk, therefore, it would have a similar ph as my own? Things could change pretty quickly in July when we start him on solids, but even then they have these great, bio-degradable diaper liners  (Bummis bio-soft liners)now that you can drop in the toilet and flush and not even deal with the poop. I'll do an update post on that in about 2 months when I need to deal with a poopy diaper.

We also just bought a sprayer for $14 at Home Depot that we can easily hook up to our shower as needed to spray out the poop into the toilet. Talk about Easy!

I also figure, who cares if I get poop on my hands from dealing with his dirty diaper? I've gotten poop on my hands when I've changed diapers and you are always going to wash your hands right after anyway, right? So what's the big deal?

To sum it up: I love the economics factor of cloth diapers. I love the healthier baby bum. And, it does feel pretty good to know that I'm reducing my family's imprint on the earth. It's kind of like the rules of hiking or camping in the wilderness, you don't leave your trash there for others to find.

I recommend cloth diapers. They've worked well for us!


littlegreen said…
I hope the experience will be great for us as well, we are using a prefolds system with snappis and covers, so it's a little different, but cost-wise and washing wise it will work best for us, fingers crossed anyways. I think a lot of it is mental anyhow, in liking it or not. anyhow, thanks for the advice and thoughts!

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