Tip for Separating Egg Yolks from Whites

First off, get an egg separator like pictured below. My real tip that I hadn't ever thought of until Wednesday night when I was making a chocolate bread pudding (which is a type of custard and that's why it needed two whole eggs and two egg yolks) was to use this half pint canning bottle. The egg separator fits perfectly on it so I didn't need to hold the separator over a bowl while cracking an egg and opening it one-handed (I have never claimed to be a chef - I'm sure they learn how to do that at a culinary school) - which I have never been able to do. I tried it once, you don't want to see the pictures!
The other great thing about this is that a screw-on type lid fits perfectly on this bottle, so I was able to screw on the lid and also to easily store the egg whites in the fridge until I needed them next, like adding them to an omelet since I'm not making a meringue!


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