Powder Room Makeover

I decided to actually do something with the before and after photos I've taken of projects I've done for myself and for other people. So, today's post is my sister-in-law's (Hillary) Powder Room.

We decided to start giving gifts of 'self' at Christmas time, so two years ago we gave them a gift card for the chair rail molding, a quart of paint of the color Mike liked (he's very much into neutrals, but that's better than standard contractor white). I also made a certificate and printed it out that explained the gift and stated that we would come and paint the bathroom and put up the chair rail molding. I then happened to get laid off of my secretarial job 6 weeks later (no two weeks notice, no two weeks pay - not very professional), so incidentally I had plenty of time to actually start and finish their Christmas present the two weeks I was in between jobs.

 For about $30 ($10 for a quart of paint and $20 for the little bit of chair rail molding and nails you'll need) you can make a small powder room like this one feel a lot more finished and add some COLOR!!!!
I determined how far up the wall to paint and where to install the chair rail molding by using the top of the vanity backsplash, as you can see in the top right corner of the photo, as my guide. I used a laser level to help me place the blue painter's tape along the wall. Then I painted the wall that was underneath the tape. I removed the tape then installed the chair rail molding so that the top of the molding was level with the top of the vanity backsplash.

I also used a plastic miter box and a basic hand saw to cut the angles for the 2 corners - I am very proud of the job I did since I did it all by myself and with very little help from Tips. Go girl power!

 Just that little bit of paint makes the room feel more 'grounded' - especially the toilet!
I'm very much of the mindset that even if you don't plan on living in your starter home for more than 5 years, you should still paint it in the colors you want and enjoy it while you are living there instead of always being in 'decorator libo' in which you buy all of your furniture in neutral and keep your walls neutral just so it all 'coordinates' for 'if and when' you sell your house. 

Live your life and let the new tenants worry about repainting. They might actually like what you've done with your house anyway - that's one of the main reasons my aunt bought her house in Valencia, California. She liked the colors the previous owners had painted and it helped make the house feel more like 'home' to her. Plus, she was happy she didn't need to repaint.

I really like the pot Hillary put the eucalyptus branches in the red pot, don't you?


littlefamily said…
Hi Yvonne!

I haven't checked this blog for a while since you had your first couple of posts, but I just loved reading through all your projects! It sounds like we have been working on a lot of the same things: Digital scrapbooking, card-making etc.

I also love your ideas for making the foam letters. I think I'll add that one to my project list soon!

Thanks for sharing all your good ideas!
Maria said…
That's amazing! What a difference that makes. I think the "after" is lovely.

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