More Handmade Cards! thought I was clever printing "Happy Valentine's Day!" on vellum to make my little Valentines this year. I didn't think of doing it AHEAD of time to make other cards by hand until I was looking at my friend Linda's blog and her project of making cards. DUH! Printed greetings look sooooooo much better than my sloppy handwriting.

So going off of Linda's idea (she made a ton of cards at once, here's her blog: I decided to make cards at the beginning of each month for all the birthdays or weddings we know we have that month.

This month I have my grandma's birthday, my nephew's, my niece's and my sister-in-law's birthdays. So Monday night after FHE (Family Home Evening), I got online and found a Disney font at Urban Fonts (, downloaded it and then after some researching, I figured out how to install the font onto my computer to use it in all programs on my computer (Word, Illustrator, Photoshop). By the way, I'll do a post on Monday about free fonts and how to install them on your Windows operating computer.

Knowing that my nephew was having a Cars theme and my niece was having a Hula party theme, I went to Google and searched their images for Lightening McQueen and Lilo. I found pictures I wanted and copied them to a word document. I then changed the font to be the Disney font and typed out "Happy Birthday!"

I also changed the font again for another "Happy Birthday" to an elegant font for my grandma's card.

Then I printed that page/document on white cardstock and cut out the images and the phrases "Happy Birthday!"

Tuesday morning I was busy going through my scrapbook paper scraps (I'm some what of a pack rat and I hate to throw out scraps that are large enough to use in something else even if I don't know what) to find colors I liked to go with the Disney images I had printed. I used black cardstock for the children's cards because that's what I have left over from my wedding announcements (a great buy from Artco in Rexburg).

And here is the birthday card I sent with the Barbie Hula Skirt to my niece for her birthday:

Send me pix of your card creations & I'll post them!


littlefamily said…
Your cards are adorable!!! I love your idea of printing Disney pictures for the kids. Fabulous!
Also, I don't know if you had a chance to check out my post on "Digital Scrapbooking" a while back, but there are more great free font sites that I posted the links to. There is one that has almost any font you can dream of (something like 13,000 free fonts) on there called
Karrie Green said…
I am really looking forward to your explination on how to apply these fonts to my windows applications(specifically word)
I Love Mrs. Tips!!!

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