More digiscrap pages!

Well, after our 9 day little family vacation to the Oregon Coast, I am finally back home, unpacked and settled (somewhat). I took my flatbed scanner up to Oregon so I could scan some family pictures from my husband's side, and look what I ended up scanning the most of! His baby pictures! They were in one of those ACID scrapbooks and my mother-in-law told me to go ahead and not put the pictures back in. So I really was helping her since that was one of those projectes she hasn't gotten around to.

The scrapbook kit I used was this quarter's freebie from -and I thought it was appropriate since my husband was born in the spring!

All of the labels were the actual labels that my mother-in-law made for his scrapbook that were with those certain pictures. I thought it would be be easier and more meaningful to scan her labels and include them in the digital scrapbook version than for me to retype them. I think it's very sweet!

Now I can see where Tips Jr. gets his baby seriousness from!


littlegreen said…
Such cute pages! And I LOVE that you used the mom's original handwriting, that is so beautiful, perfect! Are you going to have it printed and bound or something? Did you say that and I just missed it or no?

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