Children's Bathroom and Bedroom Decor

I'm going to start this posting off my acknowledging these great ideas for children's bedroom and bathroom to my sister-in-law Christy. We visited them in Dallas last spring (2007) and I finally got to see their house remodel projects completed. Tips and I had flown down to help them move in summer of 2005 and start some of the projects - but they obviously weren't done by the time we left a week later.

Here are two pictures of the children's bathroom (which also doubles as the guest bathroom). I was amazed that she had two art prints from the children's book Where the Wild Things Are and I asked her where she got them. "From the book."
"Did you color copy them?" I asked.
 "Nope. I took them out of the book."

She had literally taken them out of a copy of the book! Then she bought 2 white 11x14 frames with cream mat board included and then chose two pages to frame and pulled them out of the book! I thought that was a great idea - especially if you can buy the book you choose at a thrift store, a garage sale, or the library's quarterly used book sale.


The next children decor idea is something I have actually done for my little boy's nursery - but once again it was Christy who gave me the idea. The wood letters you can buy to spell out your child's name can get really pricey at $5-10/letter.

So what Christy did instead was she found a font on the computer she liked, changed the font size so that one letter would fit an 8x10 page. She printed out my niece's names (one letter per page), cut out the letters, traced them onto foam board and cut them out. Then she bought some scrapbook paper in the colors the girls liked, glued the paper to the foam board and then glued the foam letters to the board on top of the scrapbook paper. Then she hung them from nails with ribbon she attached to the back of the boards. This way really gives you more options as there are 100s of fonts to choose from out there!

I just had to adapt this idea for my nursery. The wall above the crib was already occupied with the ancestor baby pictures in black frames. The opposite wall is now a red-striped curtain (read about it in the post: My 'Storage' Room ) and the other two walls available to me were the closet and the window.

I didn't have many options to hang Tip Jr.'s name on. I decided that since I wasn't going to hang a curtain on the window (it would look really funny to have a curtain on the window right next to the curtain hiding our storage), I would hang the letters as a window treatment. The window is high enough out of Tip Jr's reach when he gets older and can walk -plus you can still see out the window when I open the blinds.

I think I made the letters and mounting boards larger than my sister-in-law made my nieces', but it still works! Having a little boy, I didn't think the ribbon would be very boyish, so I used some fishing wire I had on hand.

Now I'm going to tell you the problems I ran into as I made the letters and boards. My eXacto knife blade wasn't very sharp when I was first cutting out the letters, so the the edges weren't crisp like they would have been had I used a sharp blade to start out with (I soon recognized what was happening and replaced my blade).

I didn't want to cut the letters out a again, plus I had pencil marks from tracing the letters that weren't erasing. One of my interior design professors always said, "There are no mistakes in life, just opportunities for embellishment." I've taken that motto to heart because as a perfectionist I would get upset if things weren't turning out 'perfectly' - but this motto allows me to make mistakes and cover them up so that it appears I intended it to be so.

My solution to this dilemma was to mod podge some white tissue paper onto the letters (the sides as well to hide the broken out foam). After the tissue paper dried (which gave my letters texture), I painted the letters white.
Then I used some Elmer's spray adhesive to attach the scrapbook paper to the foam boards and then to attach the letters to the boards.

I attached the wire to the back of the boards with clear packing tape, which has worked so far on the M-A and S, but the wire on the O and the N have both slipped out of the tape. Tips fixed that for me by using Gorilla Glue to glue the wire to the board and then putting the clear packing tape on it immediately since Gorilla Glue expands.

Here is another hiccup that occurred just last night: I heard something fall in the nursery and I went in to investigate and the navy blue spaceship paper had completely come unattached to the board with the N! My advice is to use Elmer's glue to glue the scrapbook paper to the foam board initially and NOT the spray adhesive I used.

I also want to give you some warning about using Elmer's glue on foam board - it warped the scrapbook paper a little bit. When I do the letters for my next child, I will most likely mod podge the scrapbook paper to the foam board, let it dry and then glue the letter to the board. If any of you try it that way, please let us know how it works out by leaving a comment!


Decorating a room is one of the loveliest thing a mother can do for their kids. It's our way of showing how much we loved our kids.

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