Baby's Playtime

Last week I was thinking about what I could do to give some stimulating play time for my son, and the idea I had I wish I had thought of it sooner! The thought process came into play because I was chatting with our friends whose son is 6 weeks younger than Tips Jr. They have really liked the book, "Baby Wise", which I haven't read yet but I have heard lots of good things about it, and they were telling me the basis of the book.

The concept I couldn't get my brain around was that you are supposed to start the baby on their schedule of sleep, eat, play, sleep eat, play, etc at about 2 weeks old - and I have been well aware that Tips Jr. surely wasn't playing with toys or even watching the mobile on his swing when he was 2 weeks old. So what would count as playtime for the few hours he would actually be awake at the age?

Then the idea I wish I had thought of 3 months ago when he was 2 weeks old, came to me. I could play classical music for him for the period of time in the schedule that is supposed to be playtime. Duh! I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. That would have been plenty of brain stimulation for him at two weeks old. Plus, it's the original basis of the Baby Einstein series before the videos and Little Einstein series.

Having had this epiphany, I pulled out the Marriage of Figaro (Le Nozze di Figaro is Tip's favorite of all of Mozart's work, and he likes Mozart more than any other composer - so he's actually had the CD by the Philharmonia Chorus & Orchestra since before we were married) and played it for Tips Jr. while he was playing with his little gym. It gave me a break from the annoying baby toy music and he was very invigorated & engaged as he hit and kicked at the gym toys.

It was also a great to realize that I didn't need to spend $$$$ on buying the 'Baby Einstein' CDs, the classical music I have works great. Plus, if you have speakers on your computer, you can get an account at or and find and play all sorts of great classical music for FREE on there, not to mention you can always check CDs out from your local library to give you more variety of music.

I guess that even though Tips Jr. didn't get this stimulation from the age of 2 weeks on, better late than never and at least his younger siblings will have the benefit of being introduced to classical music sooner than he was, even if it is only by 3 months!


littlefamily said…
That's great! I love Mozart. I even read a book (The Mozart Effect, by Don Campbell) about how Mozart is great for babies because of the simple melodies and tones. They say of all the classical composers, Mozart's music is the most stimulating for babies.

I've also read babywise (all three books up to "toddlerwise") and like some of their philosophies. Others you really have to take with a grain of salt.
Krystal said…
we are kind of on a similar schedule--just got it figured out this week though. it's similar to the baby whisper's EASY plan (eat, activity, sleep, you) and it's made a HUGE difference in Katryn's mood. she's much happier when she's awake now.

we got a baby Einstein cd for easter that we play at bath time so she knows it's sleep time, it was only like 5 bucks!

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