Another use for Packing Tape

I bought about 6 - 10 lb bags of sugar at Albertson's last fall when they were on a really good sale - to store up for my year supply.
Well, I had a bag open on me as I was moving the sugar around in our food storage closet and it poured out onto the carpet. I ended up just putting it into my 5 gal sugar bucket I keep in the kitchen - BUT I did resolve to fix the problem with the remaining bags of sugar. In comes clear packing tape. I found that if I just taped the bag shut, it wouldn't open on me! This definitely fixed a potential problem for me -no more sugar on the carpet in my closet!


Anonymous said…
LOL ... I did the same thing! And also on carpet (so hard to vacuum up *every bit) in my apartment's small storage room. Lost at least half of the bag!

The packing tape is a great tip! I definitely will do that whenever I purchase the 10 lbs. size 'cause they seem to be very lightly sealed.


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