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Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I made my first digital scrapbook page (on my personal blog site) - and I must say, I've figured some more things out that make my pages look like the awesome ones I see online!

You can download freebies (kits with the papers, embellishments, rub-ons and fonts) at a number of different websites - the few that I've been too that have impressed me are:

Once I downloaded the kit, I open Adobe Photoshop (CS3) and create a new file and I make sure I put in the dimensions I want for the finished page - 8 x 10, 10 x 8, 12 x 12, etc.

I then open the pictures I want to use for that page and I go to town! Often I need to edit the image size by either lowering the pixels to 200 or changing the actual image size (it's a 3 x 4, I need it to be 1.5 x 2 for example), or I sometimes have to do both.

I also have figured out how to add shadows to the layer to give it more dimension and appear to be 3D, as opposed to looking as flat as it really is.

Then, once the page is complete, I flatten it in under the "Layer" tab in the toolbar.

And Voila`! I've created a perfect page!

The page below is one that I'm using in my 1st personal history book (birth through 6th grade) that I'm making at It's $20 a year for a membership, but I decided it was worth it if it got me to write in my journal more often as well as give me a place to create my life story in pictures and words. I'm basically transcribing my written journals from when I was younger, writing things I remember about my childhood and soon I'll transcribe all the stories my mom wrote about me in my baby book into it! It's my goal to get at least part of my life story done now while my parents, siblings, aunts & uncles are still alive and can remember things clearly - as well as me being able to remember more about my childhood before I get too caught up in my own children's lives.

However, I did just see in my LDSLiving e-mail this week that there is a free LDS online journal that looks like it does pretty much the same thing as - even giving you a place to have your journal published into a hardbound book. I also decided that this way, I can always order more copies of my life story editions as other children come along so that each child will have their own copy of my life story. Oh yeah, the link for the free LDS online journal is:

Here's the page before I forget!


familylearn said…
Thanks Cathrine for mentioning Pyxlin!

I couldn't help but point out a major difference between LDSjournal and Pyxlin is that Pyxlin does not plan to support any of its services with ads. We feel that the intrusivie data mining required to make an ad based model successful should not be used for personal journals.

But LDSjournal does look like a nice service and it is good to have some compitition.

Jeff Harmon
Team Pyxlin

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